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15 May 2015



RockPaperShotgun            15 May 2015


Wings: Over Flanders Fields is no.13 in "The 25 Best Simulation Games Ever Made" !



                                                                           23 March 2015

http://www.armchairgeneral.com/wings-over-flanders-fields-pc-game-review.htmWINGS: Over Flanders Fields review - Richard A Martin gives WOFF a glowing review: "Simply put, Wings Over Flanders Fields is the upgraded edition of what is arguably the best World War I flight simulator on the market. "



                                                                                5 March 2015

http://www.pcgamer.com/the-best-wargames-of-all-time/WINGS: Over Flanders Fields makes Tim Stone's  "The 20 best wargames of all time"

"WOFF brings the 1914-18 air war to life more successfully than any of its peers."


                                                                                 5 August 2014

http://www.pilootenvliegtuig.nlA new review of WOFF team in the Dutch Magazine "PILOOT EN VLIEGTUIG"  -   
by Hans Heerkens!
‘WOFF is a lovingly crafted sim’.
 (translation of one quote).

  August 2014 edition available from  http://www.pilootenvliegtuig.nl/magazine/  

                                                                                                    1 June 2014

FlightSim.comInterview with the WOFF team on FlightSim.com with Nels Anderson.


                                                                                                    18 May 2014

FlightSim.comFlightSim.com REVIEW of Wings: Over Flanders Fields"  by Dom Smith

"Upon finding myself in the world of WOFF, my first thoughts were...wow, this is incredible!

"AI ... is some of the best I've seen in a flight simulator..."

".. one of the most beautiful and atmospheric (music) scores I have ever heard in a computer game"

"it takes quite a bit to impress me but in this case, I really was blown away by the visuals"


                                                                                                     22 April 2014
CombatAcePC Pilot Interview with the team behind
Wings: Over Flanders Fields"  Note you'll need to purchase the issue 91 magazine (paper or digitial versions) to read.


Neural game Shake -  Some of us missed this small review previously (posted in

January 2014) but sums up WOFF nicely in a few words.

Neural Gameshake





"...THRILLING. The flak, the bullets whizzing by, it was just full of atmosphere..."
reminds me of the flight sims of the 80s and 90s that cared about atmosphere and character as well as flight modeling and realism"




CombatAce                 23 March - 22 April 2014
 (Multi part review)
Review Part 1  by 33Lima.
Review Part 2  by 33Lima.
Review Part 3  by 33Lima.
Review Part 4  by Hellshade and Adger.
5 Star Combatace.com award
From part 3:  
... most of all, thanks to the new AI and  other related enhancements, the air-to-air experience is now right up there, with or ahead of the best of them. "

... given the depth, breadth and quality of this product,  if WOFF doesn't win at least one
'Sim of the Year' award, well, there ain't no justice. Likewise, in my experience, WOFF deserves to be in at least the top ten 'Best Combat Flightsims' - ever. "

5 Star Combatace.com award"I'm simply blown away by the WOFF campaign!"

m Part 4:  
I've also flown Knights of the Sky, FE1 & RoF and WOFF batters them all into submission. It's not just the greatest sim I've flown...it's probably my greatest game I've ever played, a mindblowing piece of work"  - Adger.

See the reviews for more.


33Lima's WOFF Combat Reports based on Famous Books:

Check out these based on 'Wind in the Wires', 'Sagittarius Rising', 'Winged Warfare', 'No Parachute', and 'Wings of War' from 33Lima. 

April 2014 two more mission reports by 33Lima :

   and for a view of the other nations and craft!
   new one:  The Roland Walfisch. "..As missions go, this was one of the very best two-seater sorties I
   have flown in any WW1 sim ...   one of those classic moments of pure simming immersion and delight
   that I will not forget in a long time. Simply brilliant!""

SimHQ                            21 December 2013
SIMHQ Review by
Jens “McGonigle” Lindblad Review

"WOFF offers instead, is an incredibly polished, satisfying and at all times a frighteningly real and believable World War 1 aerial experience."  
"...a unique and excellent single player campaign with Intelligent AI, both amongst the very best I’ve experienced."   Read the full review



WOFF Report1                   20 December 2013
"Wot I think" Review by Tim Stone

WOFF generates some of the most gripping, varied, and challenging single-player dogfights I’ve ever had the pleasure to participate in."
"Buy it and you’re getting that incredibly rare thing, a sim that realises that most of us value campaign colour and plausible AI every bit as much as we value faithful flight models.
"      Read the full review.

 Jens "McGonigle" Lindblad interviews
Matt Milne
Matt wrote the fabulous new music score for WOFF, and our previous release. Here he discusses the process behind the Music.


WOFF Report1 WINGS: OVER FLANDERS FIELDS was discussed in this super article preview by Jens "McGonigle" Lindblad. It contains some exclusive pictures, at SIMHQ.com.




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Happy user comments:

15th January 2014
See "My scrap with Jasta 11 & The Red Baron"  great immersion post from TailSpinner in the forum!

"...Many thanks again to the OBD team for creating one of the most excellent and exciting flight sims in history to date, hands down simply the best all around experience one can enjoy!!"


Wodin: on SimHQ  16 dec 2013
"I've been playing since I bought it and I have to say I love it..more so than any other sim I've played and I've played a fair few over the years. Two words come to kind when I'm flying..immersion and scale..it's epic compared to other sims.

No longer will people need to refer to Red Baron as the ultimate immersive sim..this beats it hands down"


andqui : on SimHQ
"This game is the best single-player sim I've had the pleasure of playing...I was skeptical about the AI at first, but it's the best campaign experience I've had since Battle of Britain II. Some of the AI pilots are brave and short-lived idiots, some are wise cowards, and most just want to make it home at the end of the day."

Hasse:   on SimHQ 16 Dec 2013
...this sim sure is full of immersion!"
... Fortunately for us, WOFF has an excellent single player career system.

..... RB3D's campaign system has finally been beaten. And that's really something!"  HUGE thanks from me..
Nibbio: on SimHQ 
"In a word, WOFF is exactly my idea of fun, at least while sitting in front of a PC :) so let me join the chorus of praises showered on the developers. Well done!"

SirMike1983 on SimHQ "....in a M-S L Type vs E.IIIs last night. Suddenly it's not about zooming at 130 mph, but about wrangling to get that rear gunner lined up at 80 mph. That's the moment when you start to realize everything the books said about the E.III being a scourge was actually true. That moment when what you've read about becomes more real is golden.